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What Is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is an umbrella term for a set of Spiritual Truth teachings designed to awaken you to your True Nature.Through understanding how to unfold your authentic self you are able to bring more balance, peace and joy into your life.

The Metaphysics we teach here is also a Holistic Counselling therapy, with a psychological/spiritual approach to problems.

What does the word Metaphysics mean?
The word’s origins are from Ancient Greece and it means ‘beyond physics’.

Human beings are made up of Mind, Body and Spirit. Our mind and bodies are within the physical realm and our Spirit is beyond them. Simply put, Metaphysics is about awakening to our Spirit and a more harmonious way of experiencing life.

Metaphysics helps us understand and unravel the false beliefs which block our inner peace. It empowers us to become more proficient at meeting and resolving the challenges we face.

This is important because it is the degree of understanding that we have embodied for ourselves, which determines the degree of peace and harmony we experience in our lives.

‘Know the truth and the truth will set you free’

Will Metaphysics change my Life?
Most people find that their lives are changed on many levels by studying these courses because one of the greatest gifts that Metaphysics offers is that it transforms the way they view life. Issues which previously would have affected them,  they are now at peace with. They feel less fearful and experience a quiet inner confidence in the way they approach life.

Do I need to believe it in order for it to work?
No. When the laws and principles are used correctly – they work. In the same way you don’t need to believe or understand everything about electricity for it to work. You just need to know how to use it effectively.

However, as you start to use this spiritual understanding more frequently and see it work in your day-to-day experience, you naturally start to trust it more, just as you do with electricity.

Is Metaphysics a religion?
No, not at all. The Metaphysical Society is not associated with any particular religion or doctrine. We embrace them all. We see each philosophy as a code for understanding the universe and our place in it. Most religions started with enlightened beings and their insights into the true nature of Life, they were often called mystics and heralded as saviours for their teachings. At The Metaphysical Society we focus on the core understanding, the timeless teachings which are at the back of most religions. We present these core principles in a way that is practical and relevant for today, no matter what faith a person holds.

We have trained students and practitioners with no religion at all, and also those from a wide variety of faiths and religions: Catholics, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs etc. All reported that Metaphysics deepens their understanding of their chosen faith and helps bring it to life.

Does it work for everyone?
It can work for anyone, if understood and used correctly.

What we offer here is a wide range of techniques that work, which are tried, tested and effective. If they aren’t effective we don’t use them. However, what differs is each individual’s readiness to take on board these lessons and practice the techniques.

Obviously some methods are better suited to some individuals than others, and some techniques work better earlier in our Spiritual journey and some work better later on. So this is the value of having such a broad approach and a variety of philosophies, because everyone can find something that resonates and ‘speaks to them’.

Metaphysical Practitioners need to be well versed in a wide range of techniques and be able to suggest the most appropriate technique for their client, depending on the client’s level of awareness and the type of problem faced. It is interesting training.

“No aspect of this work is more important than to learn to use the right tool.
All failure is due to using the wrong one

Barbara Muhl, Infinite Way teacher.

Do I need to be sorted in my life before I start this training?
Certainly not, if we all waited for that nothing would ever happen and we certainly wouldn’t be practicing!
The challenges we currently face are good fuel for the course: bring them along, we can work with them. This is how everyone learns the techniques and what works best for certain situations. Also, you will soon discover that you are not alone with those challenges, we have some too.

However, what we do suggest is that you are in a relatively settled phase in your life e.g. you’re not deeply affected by major trauma or life changes. It is simply because these are training courses, we need to cover the curriculum and meet the needs of the whole class. So, if you personally felt in a very unsettled space, it might be wisest to get your needs met with some individual attention, such as counselling, before you study the course.

The word Metaphysics sounds academic and technical, is it? Also do I need any formal qualifications?
You are right, the name Metaphysics does sound technical and academic, however we can reassure you that it isn’t.
No prior experience is required before embarking on any of our courses and no academic qualifications are needed, you just need basic reading and writing skills. There are Metaphysical  Practitioners who have degrees and Phds, others with dyslexia and plenty who have no formal qualifications at all.

Remember Metaphysics goes beyond the mind and intellect.
The Spiritual Wisdom that is required for this type of work is equally available to us all.
Qualities such as awareness, open mindedness, diligence, enthusiasm and a keenness to learn, are far more important.

Also, we cover everything you need as we go along the course. Plus course notes accompany each workshop and the tutor is there to answer any queries.

However, if you wish to study online, you will need basic computing skills. This will include the ability to type, use email, add attachments, search the internet, copy and paste etc. plus regular access to a reliable computer and internet access. Apart from a couple of books, all the rest is covered within the course.

How do I apply?

To enrol on an Introductory Course click here to find classes near you and then contact the tutor directly.

To enrol on the Foundation course click here scroll down for a list of tutors and course starting and contact the tutor directly.
(NB. You need to start with Foundation training for year 1, before progressing to Counsellor or Facilitator training in year 2.

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