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Inner Wisdom for Everyday Problems

On completion of the Foundation Course, students will be eligible and have the option to train as MSEC Facilitators of the “Introductory Course in Self-Awareness”, a complete self-awareness programme based on the MSEC teachings.

Students who decide to take this module will also receive a Facilitator Certificate from the MSEC. Being optional, this module is not a pre-requisite for enrolment on the MSEC Practitioner Training Course. However, it can serve as a valuable platform for those students wishing to work with groups and gain an authorisation to present an approved official MSEC course to members of the public.

Module D is open to all students who have successfully completed the full Foundation course
It consists of six one day attendance workshops or 12 weeks online training covering:

  1. How to facilitate a small group
  2. How to lead a group in meditation
  3. Presenting Metaphysical & Spiritual Principles
  4. Helping the group to greater Self Awareness
  5. Creating a Harmonious Atmosphere
  6. Unfolding your Leadership Skills

All practical exercises must be conducted to the satisfaction of the Course Teacher.

Successful candidates will then be awarded the MSEC Facilitator Certificate which entitles them to present the approved course entitled, “An Introduction to Spiritual Awareness” which is based on the 12 Keys principles.

All Facilitators sanctioned by the MSEC are required to be insured and attend Supervision (CPD) sessions.

The full Foundation Course must be completed by all students wishing to take Practitioner or Facilitator training

See here for an overview of the Foundation course syllabus

See table below for details of the next Foundation Courses starting

Part 1
September 2021 to May 2022
24 weeks
School of Metaphysics
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more information
Part 2

(Module D)
Autumn 2022
(For students who have already completed
Foundation Course)
12 weeks Online Debbie Austin

Click Here for a Listing of Qualified & Registered MSEC Facilitator Course Teachers


The MSEC (Metaphysical Society) is a BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners) approved training provider.                           

Offering BRCP approved Metaphysical Facilitator training, authorised to teach and train individuals as MSEC Metaphysical Facilitators (able to teach the MSEC Introduction to Self-Awareness course to small groups).

Whilst studying students are able to take advantage of a special BRCP rate for student membership and insurance (currently  only £14!)  and later they can apply to join the BRCP register at a discounted rate (T&Cs apply)

Once qualified, successful candidates are eligible to to apply for professional membership of both the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and the Metaphysical Society (MSEC).


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