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We are a network of qualified and registered Metaphysical Practitioners and Teachers,
offering holistic counselling and training.

Metaphysics is the study of the Laws of the Universe and how you can use them to bring more love, peace, harmony and abundance into your life. We take you far beyond the Law of Attraction which is only one of the many spiritual tools available to you. We help you open the doors to a whole range of amazing teachings which when practiced have brought results that many have literally described as life changing.

We would love you to travel this exciting path with us whether it be for your own personal growth and understanding or whether you feel called to create a spiritual career as a Metaphysical Practitioner, either way we are here to guide and support you. See below for more information

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Courses for Interest & Personal Growth

Professional Training

 Looking for help try Metaphysical Counselling  Looking for insights  Professional Training
A Holistic Approach
Our Metaphysical Counsellors help clients to shed new light on challenging situations and everyday issues. Using psychological and spiritual solutions we help the client gain personal breakthroughs, deeper insights and a fresh approach to any problem.
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Looking for Insights
Would you like to gain deeper personal insights and have the tools you need to bring greater ease and joy to your life?
We are a training facility, teaching truly transformative principles to our students.
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Vocational Qualifications
For those who feel working with others is their vocation, our BRCP Approved training programme can lead you to qualification as a Metaphysical Practitioner/Counsellor or Facilitator.
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