Metaphysics – a different kind of counselling…

We don’t just use talk therapy. The solution to our problems goes deeper than the physical, mental or emotional realm.  We target the problem at the root, which we consider to be at the level of the soul, the deepest and wisest part of our being. In addition we show you how to apply a whole range of powerful techniques and spiritual principles to uncover greater good in any challenging situation you may be experiencing.

Whether your challenges relate to your health, relationships, finances, career or self-esteem or you simply wish to use the techniques to move beyond any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, the Metaphysical approach can help.

We empower you to empower yourself !

Metaphysical Counselling is an holistic-approach therapy based on spiritual principles. When we are out of alignment with our True Self we experience conflict and difficulties.

The work of a Metaphysical Practitioner is to help uncover these imbalances in our belief system and restore harmony. During a session, using awareness and understanding, a deeper insight is obtained so that clients experience clarity, a calmer mind and an enhanced sense of well-being.

This therapy is unique and we are proud to say that this pioneering therapy, the MSEC and these training courses have been approved by the BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners) for over 20 years.

What to Expect from a Metaphysical Counselling Session

At the first session, we will need to ask you a series of questions regarding your background and life history. Our Practitioners are skilled at listening, so you will feel heard and understood. We listen not only to the surface issue that is troubling you and the feelings that it brings up, but also for the stressful beliefs and patterns which are contributing to the situation. Metaphysics can be used to treat almost any condition and is particularly helpful with:

      • Relationship Problems
      • Health Issues
      • Career and Work Related Situations
      • Stress and Anxiety
      • Understanding Emotional Reactions
      • Unlocking Habitual Patterns etc.

In order to facilitate new understanding around a problem, our therapists will often use a counselling exercise or a visualisation/meditation technique. Our therapists follow a Code of Conduct  but they are not bound to any specific teaching or school of thought, so our Practitioners have a wide range of counselling skills and techniques at their disposal. The Practitioner will discern the ideal technique, to best suit your condition, on that day. Metaphysics is a versatile therapy because we can adapt to your changing requirements as the sessions develop.

Spiritual Mind Treatment

The Practitioner may speak some positive words concerning your problem or you may be given a short written statement to repeat to yourself between each session. This is known as a Spiritual Mind Treatment and affirms the Truth about you and your situation. People generally find this comforting, reassuring and beneficial.

Subsequent Sessions

The Practitioner will explain to you how the mind works and teach you some of the Universal Laws so you can put them into practice and begin transforming your life. At times you may be in touch with your feelings but this is all part of the healing process. If, at any time, you don’t feel comfortable with the questions or inner work, simply inform the Practitioner and alternative ways of helping can be used. Clients generally experience a greater sense of peace and well-being following a session.

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TESTIMONIALS – What are past clients have said about us :

When I started having Metaphysical Counselling with a Practitioner a few years ago, I was at my lowest ebb, having been in an abusive relationship and having also had cancer. I hardly realised what a life changing experience it would be. Practising the Principles and teachings changed the way I dealt with my life and I became a very positive and determined person, so that I could get over the experiences I had suffered. Now, I have the tools to continue to transform my life and I think differently, I regularly attend workshops which help to keep me focused and I cannot thank my Practitioner enough, for without these teachings I would not have the happy and fulfilled life that I have now.

J.B. Essex. A Counselling Client

Thank you for your encouragement and support. I feel much lighter now having ‘cast the burden’.


This work saved my life. I so appreciate the knowledge, insight and expertise – I am so grateful.


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