The Metaphysical Society Professional Training

Holistic Counsellor Diploma Course: Year 2

 A transformation programme for individuals who are truly ready for change

 Usually studied part time over 12 to 15 months
A fully online training course

Course Content:

The Spiritual Practitioners Tool Kit

The Fundamental Principles of Spiritual and Metaphysical Counselling

Becoming A More Effective Practitioner

Tuning in to Higher Wisdom

Practitioners Casebook

Daily Spiritual Practise to Enhance the Realisation of Oneness

Healing through Awareness

The Problem Always Has a Gift Within It

Self Worth and The Approval Trap

The 10 Commandments of True Relationship

The Power of Prayer and its Many Forms

Surrender Versus Struggle

When The Student is Ready – The Teacher Will Appear

Dealing with Clients at Their Own Level of Awareness

Helping the Client Turn Adversity Into Opportunity

The Challenges of The Spiritual Path

The True Identity Behind The Mask

Going Beyond the Script of The False Self

The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn

The Four Levels of Forgiveness

Expressing Feelings and Needs

Embracing The Inner Critic

Meeting the Disowned Selves

The Way of The Mystic

From Law To Grace

The Path of Oneness

The Principle of Freedom

The Consciousness of Love

Beyond The World of Opposites

Practitioner Course Fact Sheet

The Practitioner course is only open to students who have already attended and completed the MSEC Foundation Training.   It aims to deepen understanding and encourage the practical application of the principles studied on the Foundation Course.

Students can now complete this course on a fully online basis

The Practitioner Course is designed for the advanced student who desires to work professionally in this field as a Metaphysical Practitioner and Spiritual Counsellor or for the person who wishes to use the knowledge for personal growth and expanded awareness. Either way it does require commitment and a willingness to change and grow.

Metaphysical counselling is not just a talking therapy. It goes beyond the remit of conventional counselling and aims to help clients understand their challenges and life situations from the level of the soul, gradually guiding them from their current situation to a place of self-empowerment.

Although Metaphysics does incorporate a psychological approach it goes beyond orthodox psychology and approaches the client’s situation from a spiritual perspective, helping them understand and utilise principles in order to restore balance and harmony to their lives, and discover hidden talents, strengths and abilities within themselves.

As well as metaphysical counselling skills, the training includes a myriad of techniques from a wide range of practical and philosophical teachings. Together they provide an extremely powerful set of tools to assist clients at different states and stages along their Spiritual path.

At the end of the course, there is an examination which includes both theory and practice. Successful candidates will be issued with a Diploma and if they wish to practice, their name will be entered on the website as a Metaphysical Practitioner. The examination is not compulsory if you do not wish to work professionally. All qualified Practitioners will have the opportunity of applying for inclusion on the BRCP British Register of Complementary Practitioners.


As well as personal attendance on the course, there will be additional home study by way of reading, inner awareness exercises and some written assignments. This extra work will not be excessive and no one need be concerned about any lack of academic experience. If you intend to practice, you will need to complete four case studies of metaphysical counselling with voluntary clients and undertake six personal counselling sessions with a Metaphysical Practitioner.

A successful Metaphysician is not necessarily the person with the most intellectual ability.
It is someone who opens their heart to this profound truth, recognising their True Identity and sincerely desiring to share their understanding with others.


Upon successful completion of all requirements you would be issued with the qualification M.S.E.C. (Practitioner).

If you are taking the programme purely for your own personal growth or a theory pass, A Certificate of Completion is issued, not a qualification. Please note: you would be unable to practice with clients.

The MSEC Practitioner course is a BRCP approved training course. Upon successsful completion of the entire course, Practitioners have the option, should they so wish, to pay to be included on the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP). Subject to acceptance, they may use the designating letters MBRCP.


To be confirmed please contact tutor for more information


Most of our training is offered on-line so location is not a problem!


Year 1

25th February 2023

24 weeks

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Year 2
Autumn 2023 1 year
Online and Attend

Debbie Austin

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